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Techem Radio System

It couldn’t be easier
No access to the home required, no appointments: recording consumption can be that easy.

It‘s so easy with radio technology
Techem radio technology is universally applicable. The appropriate components are available for all installation situations. As no wiring at all is required, there is no need for structural work. All consumption data is recorded by a mobile receiver outside the home and transmitted remotely to the Techem data centre.

The benefits of radio technology for you

  • Easy to fit: Our radio system is completely wireless: an excellent way to keep residents happy.
  • Accurate metering: Radio technology is synonymous with top precision and reliability. The consumption data is recorded automatically and transmitted to Techem - there are no typing or transmission errors.
  • Processing saves time and money: The readout values are saved digitally and can be referred to at any time. Estimating consumption, making appointments and intermediate on-site readings become obsolete. You have more time to focus on your core business.

Benefits of the radio system for the occupants:

  • Satisfied residents: The residents need not to be at home on the readout day. No meter reader enters the apartment, no need for meter reading appointments.
  • Maximum transparency: All occupants can easily check their own consumption. The data remains stored in the radio recording devices and can be read off the display at any time.
  • Fair cost allocation: Precise recording and billing ensure that costs are fairly distributed.

Heat Cost Allocator

Radio-based heat cost allocator

Radio-based heat cost allocator Meter reading made even easier
All the important information is displayed in the same way as the electronic  heating cost allocator. The additional benefit of radio is that because  consumption data is transmitted encrypted via radio, there is no need to  access the home.

The reading on the reference date can be checked on the device at any time  and the software prevents extraneous heat being recorded.

Electronic heating cost allocator
Techem heating cost allocators enable precise recording of consumption, transparent display and easy readouts.

Time-saving, fair, simple
Electronic heating cost allocators have all the normal readout benefits and one additional bonus: they can be programmed individually for each radiator for key dates and are therefore very precise.

All electronic heating cost allocators have a built-in future-proof radio interface that can be activated for efficient reading at any time.

Heat Meter

Heat Meter

All the benefits of the latest technology are combined with high functional reliability and easy and safe assembly. Heat meters from Techem offer you the right solution for any installation situation and any requirements.

Our heat meters have a future-proof electronic counter to allow wireless data transfer by radio of small or large flow volumes. The inconvenience of meter reading appointments becomes a thing of the past.

Water Meter

Water Meter

Techem water meters measure water consumption precisely and reliably. They are quick and easy to install. You are safe both planning and installing the system and using it as a tenant or property owner.

Our water meters have a future-proof electronic measuring capsule to allow wireless data transmission using a radio module. The inconvenience of meter reading appointments becomes a thing of the past.

Cold Meter

Cold Meter

The innovation for cooling circuits
The measuring capsule cold meter enables precise cooling consumption measurement for low flow quantities and remote readout without having to enter the home.

The cold meter is specially designed for installation in cooling circuits.
The multiple-jet principle guarantees high measurement accuracy and measurement stability.
The impeller wheel rotation is recorded using a contact-free and magnet-free sensory mechanism which enables recognition of the flow direction and software-supported regulation of the hydraulics (linearisation of the characteristic flow curve).

The calculator can be due date programmed. It has 12 display functions: energy, due date, energy status on due date, flow, flow temperature and return temperature, temperature difference, performance, volume and cyclic self-test and diagnosis displays for the flow direction and temperature sensor installation.

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