Our Mission

Reduce consumption - protect the environment

Techem is a future-oriented energy company working towards the efficient, economical use of energy and water. Our mission is to help reduce the costs of water and heat for homeowners, landlords and those living in apartment buildings. Energy is saved and resources are protected: beneficial in the long term for everyone and for the environment.

  • Using resources more efficiently
    Fuel and water resources are becoming scarcer and more precious throughout the world and so properties are becoming more and more expensive to run. Energy services from Techem help reduce energy and water consumption by metering usage and billing according to what is actually used: costs can be reduced by intelligent consumption control.

  • Reduce rising utilities efficiently
    Our energy saving system adapterm, currently unique in the market, not only precisely detects the heating temperature in the apartment, it simultaneously optimises the flow temperature of the heating system: we simply and conveniently reduce rising utility bills, or ‘second rent’, as they are sometimes referred to.

  • Radio metering from the market innovator
    We have been the market leader in radio metering for many years. We determine heating energy very precisely and we do not even need access to the home.

  • Less paper work through our online services
    Landlords no longer have the hassle of paperwork with our online services and so have more time and flexibility.

  • Contracting by experts
    We use our contracting solutions to make the real estate industry more efficient, economical and successful, thus opening up new opportunities for the industry and allowing it more latitude.

  • Fewer CO₂ emissions
    We lower CO₂ emissions by around 8.5 million tons a year with our worldwide services, thus contributing to the ambitious climate protection objectives of the German federal government and the European Union.