Techem the company: Allow us to introduce ourselves

Techem is one of the leading service partners for green and smart buildings. Our focus is on energy efficiency along the entire value chain in real estate. We promote healthy living, process efficiency and climate protection. Our devices and solutions avoid around 8.7 million tons of CO₂ per year. Learn more about us.

Techem – making buildings green, smart and healthy

With our strategy and our business model, we work at the intersection of three key megatrends: urbanization, mobility and energy efficiency. Innovative, sustainable technologies are at the heart of Techem’s efforts to make buildings green, smart and healthy.

> 39 million
wireless recording devices in use
8,7 million
metric tons of CO₂ avoided per year
1,8 billion euros
in fuel costs saved

Techem: For the digital energy transition in buildings

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We at Techem are aware of our responsibility and are therefore working on solutions for a successful energy transition in buildings.

One thing is clear: Only with the help of digitization is a nearly climate-neutral building stock feasible and affordable because, with digitally networked solutions and devices, we can reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and network renewable energy generation across sectors. 

Digitization therefore makes property management more economical, more reliable and more convenient. Climate protection, process efficiency and legal compliance go hand in hand.

No energy transition without digitization


But why is digitization in buildings necessary? Because energy data can only be recorded regularly with remotely readable, digitally networked devices and online services.

The resulting database creates clarity and awareness of energy consumption and energy flows –among owners and tenants. This enables optimal planning and control as well as energy-efficient generation and distribution. Consumers can also save energy more easily.

As an energy service and metering provider, we at Techem see our task as creating smart, digital and resource-saving solutions for the real estate industry of tomorrow. Our services and devices are therefore always designed with a clear goal in mind: We want to reduce CO₂ emissions in real estate. 

Our goal: The digitization of buildings

Techem’s goal is CO₂-optimized and efficient technical building operation, bundled in a climate-neutral, preferably energy-autonomous district. We are taking various routes to achieve this:

  • Optimal settings, networking and digitally supported monitoring of heat generation systems, in combination with regenerative generation by heat pumps, for example.
  • Efficient generation and sector coupling through combined heat and power generation based on natural gas, prospectively also hydrogen
  • CO₂-neutral heat as well as electromobility through the use of renewable forms of energy such as solar energy and through heat pumps

The basis for the necessary data overview and the added value based on it is the modern digital Techem sensor infrastructure. The advantages? It is durable, interoperable, remotely readable, data secure and self-monitoring.

We are treading the path to a nearly climate-neutral neighborhood in 2050

Reducing CO₂ emissions in buildings makes a significant contribution to this.

Additional solutions will be added in perspective, especially with a view to digitization and the increased use of sensor technology. Examples of additional possible fields of activity include the digital and energy-efficient operation of elevators, air quality monitoring and other services in the networked building. Buildings and neighborhoods of the future must be climate-friendly, connected and healthy living and working spaces. We will contribute to this.

Facts and figures about Techem

≈80 %
wireless quota worldwide
52,1 million
meters worldwide
11,9 million
homes in service

Our customers are housing associations and real estate investors as well as cooperatives, classic property management companies and owners of apartment buildings.

Fiscal year 2019/2020 (04/01/2019 – 03/31/2020)

Total sales*: 779.5 million euros

Short fiscal year 2020 (04/01/2020 – 09/30/2020)

Sales: 317.1 million euros

Techem as a strong partner for your challenges

Our team works worldwide every day to provide optimal services and solutions for you

Management of the Techem Group

Matthias Hartmann (born in 1966) has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Techem GmbH since 16th January 2020. As Chairman of the Management Board, he is responsible for the development of the Eschborn-based company, which operates in more than 20 countries, together with Dr. Carsten Sürig, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Performance Officer, and Nicolai Kuß, Chief Sales Officer. Until he joined Techem, Matthias Hartmann was Chairman of the Management Board of IBM Deutschland GmbH and General Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Previously, he was, among other things, CEO of the market research company GfK SE. He was responsible for the transformation of the company into a global provider of products and solutions as well as the digital orientation of the company. Prior to this, he held various management positions at IBM in Germany and the US, where he expanded the global services business for strategy, digital transformation and business development.

Nicolai Kuß (born in 1974) has served as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and member of the Management Board of Techem GmbH since the end of March 2019. In this position, he is responsible for all activities relating to the company’s customers, in particular sales and customer management, as well as the contracting division. Nicolai Kuß took office as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Techem in December 2016, where he was responsible for operations. The business graduate began his professional career in 1999 at the management consultancy Ernst & Young and subsequently gained extensive experience in the real estate industry. For instance, he was active in the German management of the Fortress Investment Group and was subsequently responsible for the operative business of the GAGFAH Group as COO and member of management for six years. Before joining Techem, he was Chief Investment Officer and a member of the Management Board of Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group.

Dr. Carsten Sürig (born in 1966) has been Chief Financial Officer and Chief Performance Officer (CFO & CPO) since the end of March 2019 and is a member of the Management Board of Techem GmbH. In this function, he is responsible for the entire finance area as well as the areas of Techem Energy Services that have a direct influence on operating performance. This includes in particular the areas of installation, meter reading and billing, purchasing, supply chain, quality & methods, infrastructure, Bautec as well as IT infrastructure and IT development. Dr. Sürig studied electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University and earned his doctorate immediately afterwards. As a consultant at McKinsey, he has more than 20 years of experience in the energy industry and was a senior partner in the Düsseldorf office of the management consultancy as well as a member of the management group of McKinsey’s European Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice.

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