Reading, Billing and Collection

Radio Reading

With Techem’s radio system readings are taken from outside the residences by means of mobile radio data transfer. This avoids appointments with residents and consumption estimates as well as reduces processing work time and effort. Each occupant can easily control consumption. The data remains stored in the radio-based recording devices and can be read in the display at any time.

Billing Service information

With high quality services and innovative technology Techem pursues a clear goal: reduce administrative and business operational costs plus allocation of cost based on actual consumption.  This saves time and money. That means on the one hand to lower labor intensive hiring for recording and billing processes, on the other hand to give the incentives to save energy through consumption-based cost allocation. That’s also essential for environment and it pays off since recourses are becoming more scarce and expensive over the years.

Collection Service Information

Obtaining the payments for the residents chilled water consumption can be challenging or time consuming. However; through  Techem’ s dedicated account management service it will be hassle free. Techem collect monthly chilled water consumption based bill amounts, registration of residents; collect initial fees through advanced methods of payment, follow-ups/customer service on behalf of our Clients.

All your billing at a glance

Produce the billing step by step in the Techem customer portal. You have access around the clock and don’t need any extra software.

How does billing work with Techem?
With Techem’s heating and operating cost billing, you can leave a large share of the work to us.
We install the devices in your property
Our wireless meters can be read out remotely in a very practical way. You are already equipped? No problem, we can also read out third-party devices.
You transmit your data to us
Once a year, we need your cost and user data. The easiest way to do this is online via our customer portal.
Your billing comes to you
We read your consumption values, prepare your statement and send it to you. You just forward the individual statements to your tenants.
We advise you individually on our billing services
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