Techem BTU meters at a glance

Record the consumption in your property accurately and reliably – with Techem’s precise meters.

Techem offers a comprehensive range of BTU meters, all specially designed for flexible reading and billing at cooling circuits.


Features of the BTU meters and Techem's service:

  • Flow direction recognition using special flow sensor mechanisms

  • Enhanced with installation and commissioning diagnostic display feature

  • LC display, providing quick access to invoice-relevant meter information

  • Removable calculator protect and further measures to prevent condensation damage

  • Radio enabled to ensure no one needs to enter the residential units

Techem BTU meters: Your advantages

Find the right BTU meters for your property at Techem. Our devices are state of the art and record precisely and reliably.


Armed for the future

Our wireless meters are fit for the future: they prepare you for the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive and are data protection compliant.


You are in good hands with us

We know our stuff: You can fully rely on our many years of expertise.


The Techem all-round service

Our highly qualified experts will be happy to take care of planning, installation and maintenance for you. And you can place your order with us conveniently via the customer por


Save yourself the meter reading date

Thanks to our wireless devices, you don’t need to be at home for meter reading. It is no longer necessary to enter your home.


Fair heating cost billing

Consumption can be determined as precisely as possible with heat meters from Techem. And you’ll receive a fair heating bill.

Place your orders conveniently in the Techem customer portal

Order installation and maintenance of your heat and cold meters easily in our customer portal. Your request will reach us with just a few clicks.

Any questions? Arrange to speak with us.

Our expert technical staff will be happy to advise you.