Techem radio system - how it works

Techem has more than 50 million measuring devices in operation while more than 30,7 million of the total devices are with radio frequency.

All components of the Techem radio system fit perfectly together. The read of each residential unit is accurately recorded – whether the reads are for a water or cold meter, our meter reading are taken by a radio data recording device.  Reads are taken remotely without disturbing the comfort of occupants at their homes.

In addition, herewith are some other features of our meters: 

  • Techem devices operate with (RF) radio frequency technology. Meters are read remotely without wires. This is one of the best solutions for high-rise and sophisticated buildings.
  • Readings are collected by different means to satisfy our partners different business needs and all done remotely via a radio transmitter.

Techem radio system - benefits

  • The reading is fast and error free
  • The data being collected in machine-readable form makes the data processing easy
  • A remote readout saves time and cost. There is no need to hire in order to collect the reads instead, data is collected from distance.
  • Further to the previous point; this is avoids unnecessary penetration into residential units
  • Short reading intervals can be set manually and in return reduces the problems with occupant move in –out or tariff amendments
  • This is not all, due to the short reading intervals programming statistical data can be obtained. Statistical information can be used as a base for network optimization