Wireless technology: Safe. Comfortable. Contactless.

For more than 20 years, we have relied on measuring devices that transmit consumption wirelessly. Quality and reliability are our top priorities.

Techem Smart System – Your platform for innovative added-value services

Take advantage of the innovative remote reading platform

Whether the job involves the measurement and billing of cooling costs and water usage, heat energy or energy management delivered as service provider, our objective is always a prompt reduction in energy and water consumption as well as saving our customers’ time and cost.

As a leading international provider of solutions for the management and billing of energy and water for real estate since 1952, we assure that our operated devices and services demonstrably reduce energy consumption up to 30%. That is because precise measurement and billing based on the actual consumption increases the awareness and creates an incentive and a reward for the careful use of cooling and water. 

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Regular device monitoring

Do you have doubts on the performance of your BTU meter? In the past this could only be found out at the day of the meter reading appointment. As a result, consumption values for the old and new billing period had to be predicted. Thanks to Techem Smart System technology nowadays all devices are equipped with a radio technology. They are regularly monitored for any possible error sources such as cable sensors, actuators, etc. and get rectified immediately. Moreover the technology prevents wastage of energy. Consumption patterns of residents can be compared to the average consumption of a similar unit type in the same building by Techem's continuous supervision with automated monitoring devices.


Prompt Billing

Precise metering, reading, and billing are a linked cycle. To issue bills, readouts are transmitted to the Techem data center immediately after the due date. Upon receipt of occupants/residents data and billing methodology, bills are promptly generated, verified, and then dispatched.

Our bills are issued in-house by a central billing system that is used for the same purpose across more than 20 countries. This way we ensure accurate bills, which consider the different behavior when residents move in and out of their apartment throughout their lease term

Further, when it comes to taking care of the customer service and answering occupant’s queries, we also have a devoted customer service team to answer bills and energy consumption questions shortly.

Concise, transparent, reliable – that's what you can expect from Techem services.

Techem Smart System: The practical wireless infrastructure

Techem Smart System makes things even easier for you: the individual recording devices of our wireless system work together efficiently here.

How does remote reading with Smart System work?

Smart System is our complete package: it records and transmits the consumption values of the individual recording devices centrally and without you having to take care of it. 

How it works: We first equip your properties with the Smart Reader in the stairwell as well as wireless recording devices in the individual apartments. The wireless heating cost allocators, water meters and heat meters regularly send the consumption values measured to the Smart Reader. This automatically transmits them in securely encrypted form to the Techem data center. Here, the consumption data is decrypted and further processed. We then provide you with the consumption information. All you have to do now is send this to your tenants.  

Application requirements for remote reading with Smart System:

To use Techem Smart System, your properties must be equipped with the Techem wireless recording devices and the Smart Reader. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Your advantages from remote wireless reading

Our wireless technology takes a lot of work off landlords’ hands. At the same time, tenants can enjoy greater comfort.


Convenient billing

Thanks to remote reading, you save a lot of time. The consumption values are automatically transferred to the Techem billing system.


Maintain an overview

Conveniently view the status of your statement or past heating and operating cost statements – clearly arranged in the Techem customer portal.


Less administrative effort

A tenant is not at home and you have to make follow-up appointments for meter reading or estimate the values? Not with our remote wireless reading.


Without appointments

Our wireless devices transmit the consumption values measured directly to Techem via remote reading. And all this is done automatically without having to come to the apartment.


For your safety

Our innovative wireless smoke detectors detect fire smoke early and reliably so that you can sleep safely. The function test takes place without entering the apartment.