The Techem Lease Model - save money and add service

The Techem Lease Model grants you financial freedom. With a payment plan for up to 10 years you can stay flexible while benefiting from Techem's value-added services. Learn more about the detail of this lease model below.

The lease model is synonymous with:  Get closer. Think further.

Business people always think further and look to develop more business ventures with a reasonable set-up cost. 

Leasing of energy meters allows our valued partners to acquire assets without hefty capital tie-ups. Techem has been in the industry for over than 64 years and tackled this aspect wisely via the lease business model. This service gives business partners more financial freedom to focus on their business developments without putting high capital investment amount right from the start. In other words Techem offer payment flexibility through staging the same amount for up to 10 years with added value services!

Moreover, during the lease term Techem takes care of all the aspect of the BTU meter system 100 percent. Techem make sure that equipment is fully operational throughout the term of the partnership.  

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A brief overview of the Techem Lease Model and its related added value services.

  • Throughout the business lease partnership Techem guarantees the maintenance of meters capabilities, recording and system operation with continuous monitoring of installed devices.
  • System sustainability and efficiency for up to 10 years including meters replacement in case of malfunction free of charge.
  • Monthly reading and billing with a dedicated customer service.
  • Lease start date begin upon equipment supply at site.
  • How to get started? Only an initial fee is required.

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