Our wireless water meters for many installation variants

Our water meters are real all-rounders that find their place in nearly any installation situation.

Water is a precious natural recourse in many parts of the world.

Worldwide reserves of fresh water are constantly shrinking, while global consumption rises steadily. With precise and reliable recording of water consumption Techem’s water meters help preventing water wastage and participate in helping the environment to stay green.

A reliable, coordinated program: easy to assemble, with measuring capsule water meters for every type of installation and the complete accessories.

Consumption-dependent water cost accounting

Water meters in individual apartments record consumption precisely, so that everyone only pays for what they actually use. And saving water pays off for your tenants too. It’s good for the environment and good for their wallets.

Record water consumption with Techem – your benefits

Techem’s wireless devices ensure smooth recording and reading of water consumption in your property. Landlords and tenants thus benefit thanks to our many years of expertise.

All-round service for your water meters
Planning, installation and maintenance: we’ll be happy to handle it for you.
The right solution for your property
We offer the right solution for virtually any mounting situation: flush-mounted, surface-mounted or valve meter mounting.
Prepared for EED requirements – without any
The Energy Efficiency Directive makes remote reading of water meters standard. It’s a good thing our technologies are EED-compliant.
Never miss a meter reading date again
The reading is done using wireless technology without having to enter the apartment – no more appointments for reading need to be made and you no longer need to be present for t
Billing based on consumption possible
Thanks to our precise water meters in all apartments of your apartment building, all tenants receive a fair water bill.

Maintain an overview in the customer portal

Book Techem monitoring separately in our customer portal. Your advantages? You can view the consumption of your property at any time and compare it with previous years.

Any questions? Arrange to speak with us.
Our qualified technical staff will be happy to advise you.