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The most frequently asked questions about the Techem real estate solutions. From devices like btu and water meters to billing.


A BTU meter is a special device installed in the cooling circuit of your building to measure the thermal cooling energy. It is installed in the pipe of the cooling system and it’s a volumetric flow meter with two temperature sensors and a calculator all-in-one.  The meter measures the quantity of the reverse flowed water and reflects the used energy.

BTU meters are used in premises which are centrally cooled by either chillers or district cooling. They come into operation for a fair and transparent consumption based billing in the cooling circuits. 

BTU meters measure energy consumption to allocate charges invoiced by the utility provider for your building fairly to individual units. As an occupant, you will be paying only for your own usage and accordingly you will be able to control your consumption.

No, the device is designed to only display the consumption values, not the actual costs.

This practice is only necessary to check the meter in case of a complaint and track the reading values when the AC is on and off. Apart from that all meter readings are taken remotely and without entering any units.

The billing service information brochure explains the details of the bill and its components. Please refer to our billing section and download your Billing Service Information brochure.

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