Techem's asset management

At Techem, we focus on providing a complete strategic consultation that brings the best home and office maintenance services to our client’s assets which ensure the proper care of their property. Our clients can be sure that their needs will be put first.

We offer assistance in setting up BTU metering systems correctly, system rectification, energy consumption management and long term system maintenance. Our extensive know-how and rich experience in the field allows us to be a reliable source for our partners. Regardless of which issue you have a query about like installation, finance, consumption control, system rectification, calibration terms and beyond. 

Techem supports its partners in putting the right consumption control mechanism and demonstrates consumption reduction of operated meters upon request.  When it comes to maintenance, and depending to what scheme is selected, Techem replaces malfunctioned meters immediately free of cost.

Our management team and technical supervisors are qualified, trained, and with many years of local UAE experience are well equipped to serve highest industry standards in the Middle East.

Nonetheless and depending on a property management priority list, assets management involves capital tie ups which can be a burden or an obstacle. Techem tackled this aspect wisely through the lease business model. This service allows business partners to focus more on their business developments without putting high capital investment amount right from the start rather than staging the same amount for up to 10 years. During the lease term Techem takes care 100 percent of all the aspect of the metering system. to make sure that your asset will be properly taken care off and with added-value services.

We specialize in end-to-end project management and supervision with a dedicated Techem team member as your one point of contact.  Our services include:

Facilities Management

  • Planned and reactive MEP maintenance
  • Electrical compliance 
  • Lifecycle condition reporting
  • Validation reports

Mechanical HVAC Services

  • Air conditioning
  • Air balancing 
  • Chilled water balancing
  • Water treatment (chilled water systems flushing, cleaning and chemical treatment)
  • Commissioning management
  • BMS controls
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing and public health services

Energy Efficiency Consultancy

  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Efficiency audits
  • Measuring
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Innovative solutions with return on investment
  • Low carbon initiatives

Electrical Services

  • Periodic inspection and testing
  • Electrical installations
  • Portable appliances testing
  • Annual electrical inspections
  • Thermal imaging surveys

Energy Efficient Chilled Water Utility Services 

Techem has developed a comprehensive range of support services for the maintenance of chilled water system components, that allows our clients to manage their properties and businesses in the most efficient and cost-effective method.

The Techem customer portal

With the customer portal all our digital services are available for you 24 hours a day 7 days in the week. And there is no extra software needed, just sign in and start it.

Advantages of Techem's maintenance services


Top-tier technology

Techem offers technically high-grade and also sustainable measuring devices for any of our services.


Wide range of devices

Find the suitable device for your specific requirement.


Convenient installation

In advance arranged work time schedule with respect to your community rules.


Comprehensive maintenance

Find maintenance schemes for nearly all brands of cold, water and heat meters which include device replacement free of charge.


Flexible payment

Our lease model offers rent equipment with comprehensive services without a large initial fee.


Customer support

Rely on our extensive customer support and advisory for all related business issues no matter if via phone, e-mail or contact form.


Highly efficient

Reducing consumption is guaranteed and in return increasing the life time of equipment.

Any questions? Arrange to speak with us.

Our expert technical staff will be happy to advise you.