Techem Monitoring – simple, fast, informative

Techem uses data from the current billing period to analyze resource consumption, and goes back up to six years beyond that: lots of data yields lots of important insights.

Techem Monitoring uses your data to show you: 

  • the energy and water consumption in your properties
  • the development of consumption and costs
  • a comparison between individual properties, usage units and rooms

Techem Monitoring Premium can do even more

Use even more up-to-date data for consumption analysis of resources such as water and energy: with monitoring in the premium version of Techem.

Techem Monitoring Premium enables:

  • Real-time data retrieval using wireless technology
  • Analyses per quarter, month or week
  • Even faster responses to consumption increases

Even more good reasons for Techem Monitoring

Comparing consumption data for resources such as water and energy with our monitoring offers landlords and tenants further benefits.


Evaluate refurbishments

Assess the success of renovations for greater energy efficiency through long-term analysis.


Detect abnormalities

Detect unusual increases in consumption to enable quick countermeasures to be undertaken.


Advise tenants

Advise tenants with high water or energy use on how to use resources more efficiently.


Reduce costs

Use the insights you gain from Monitoring on consumption and costs together with your landlord or landlady to reduce your energy costs.


Identify maximum consumption levels

Identify rooms with excessive heating energy consumption to identify and eliminate the causes.


Draw comparisons

Is your own energy consumption average, low or high? Techem Monitoring provides answers.

Get to know our billing services

How you too can benefit from analyzing consumption