Statement - 14.03.2022

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine

Like much of the world and many other companies, we at Techem are following the war in Ukraine with deep concern. The fate of the refugees, mainly women and children, moves us deeply. Acts of war can never be a response to conflict.

Freedom, physical integrity and sovereignty are essential human rights that allow us to live together peacefully in Europe. Protecting these rights is of utmost importance. Since this could not be achieved in Ukraine, we want to make a joint contribution to alleviating the consequences of the war. In view of the current situation, we are planning the following measures:

  • In order to provide direct help to the people in Ukraine, we are starting a donation campaign together with our employees in Germany and all Techem markets. Techem will double the donations of all colleagues.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homeland and need shelter. More and more refugees are coming to Germany these days. We are therefore working on further centralized and decentralized campaigns to support arriving refugees.
  • Even though Techem has no business connections to the Ukraine, we employ people with Ukrainian and Russian roots. The situation can be very difficult for them and their families. We are therefore at our employees’ side with professional help through an employee assistance program.

One thing is certain: in addition to the unfathomable human tragedies, the consequences of the unjustified attack will be felt by all of us – as already evidenced by the enormous recent increase in energy prices. As an energy service provider, we will contribute to reducing dependence on Russia for oil and gas, to ensuring energy supply and to saving energy.

By quickly implementing energy efficiency measures, we can reduce energy demand and protect resources. Consistent action is thus required to defuse this situation and solve the humanitarian and energy problems. 

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Katharina Bathe-Metzler
Senior Corporate Communications Manager
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