Techem Billing Services

Optimise processes, save time, reduce costs

The Techem billing service is a legally compliant process that enables you to allocate the costs of heating, hot water and other running costs fairly and reliably to individual users. Reliable data preparation provides the basis for fast, reliable and transparent billing of consumption.

Techem provides various data exchange processes as a basis for efficient cooperation as part of its billing service.

Direct online billing with Billing Online

Transfer your user data quickly, easily and securely via the Internet – without special software, straight from your PC.
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Billing through data exchange

Exchange your billing data simply and securely over the Internet – there is just one requirement: you need to use domestic management software with data exchange functionality.
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Integrated billing with bautec

The bautec process automatically combines the consumption data of your buildings and the running costs. Two separate bills are turned into one. The bills will be ready for print and dispatch from your ERP system (e.g. GES, Blue Eagle, Wodis, SAP) without manual intervention. 
bautec uses automated workflow to optimise internal processes. You save time and therefore money.