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Techem Monitoring

Your online service for energy and water consumption in properties

With our online service Techem Monitoring manual analysis of costs and potential savings is no longer necessary. Techem Monitoring provides fast, clear and detailed information and an overview of the consumption and cost data in your properties. The new online tool can be used to conveniently display the past and current consumption as well as the past cost data of heating, cooling, water, electricity and gas on a PC, tablet or smartphone and compare these parameters for homes and buildings.

With Techem Monitoring you can:

  • analyse the consumption and costs in your properties more easily
  • immeditately recognise irregularities
  • better exploit potential savings
  • reliably check the effectiveness od modernisation measures
  • advise your tenants specifically

Techem Monitoring und and Techem Monitoring Premium

You can choose between Techem Monitoring and Techem Monitoring Premium.