Our mission: Together for a livable future

As a leading partner in modernizing residential development, Techem’s mission is to create smart solutions for tomorrow's real estate industry that safeguard the environment. Decades of experience helping building owners and tenants manage their energy consumption and cutting-edge digital expertise place us in a powerful position to support the industry as it meets the challenges of its energy transition.

We make our mission a reality

In addition, we strive to bring our commitment to this mission to the ground by working with our partners to create climate-neutral building stock with the help of our broad range of digital products and services. They are straightforward to implement with minimal investment and provide strong tools for managing and reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Our efforts to innovate are non-stop and cover range of benefits that we are especially adept at delivering:


  • Conserving resources and protecting the environment.
  • Improving energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Increasing security of supply and system availability.

Our added value

Our efforts deliver value to a range of core stakeholders:


For property owners

Along with the environmental benefits, our solutions provide reliable data and analyses that comply with regulatory mandates. We also monitor changes in the regulatory environment to ensure continued compliance.


For society

Techem offers affordable and sustainable solutions to create carbon-neutral residential buildings. All of our activities are guided by our commitment to this overarching aspiration.


For residents

Our products and services help reduce energy consumption and costs. Residents also benefit from greater comfort and security in their homes.

Our vision: Buildings that are green, smart, and healthy

Buildings and neighborhoods of the future must be aligned with a healthy environment. They must be connected intimately to their surrounding and provide healthy places to live and work. Techem works toward this vision by offering digital solutions that accelerate the necessary energy transition. Every day our work focuses on progressing toward this vision … moving closer today, tomorrow, and all the days after.

Our values: Earnestly contribute to a greener future

Climate change is one of the world’s major challenges, and Techem is ideally positioned to collaborate with the real estate industry to achieve individual and global aspirations. And there is urgency on this effort. The global target – shared by the European Union and individual countries – is to confine global warming to a 1.5°C increase. The goal is ambitious, but necessary and important.

Swift action is crucial and concrete measures and binding targets are essential to build a future in which we all live healthier, greener, and smarter. The building sector, in particular, faces unique challenges as it plays its part in reaching global aspirations.

A digital service partner

Techem solutions are designed to accelerate a successful energy transition in the building sector. Digitization sits at the core of our innovations and is an indispensable facet of any energy transformation. Our focus is to create intelligent, resource-efficient solutions for the real estate industry of the future and to help build living environments that are healthy, good for the environment, and affordable.

We scrutinize and improve energy efficiency all along the value chain. Our digital products and services contribute substantially to healthy living, process efficiency, and climate protection.

Measuring creates awareness

A central tenet to our approach is that measuring energy consumption creates awareness and promotes action. As a holistic, digital energy-efficiency partner for the real estate sector, our services and solutions comply with such statutory requirements as those published by the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). All our devices are EED-compliant, helping to lay the foundation for greater energy efficiency in real estate, for example through monthly consumption data and analytics.

Residents regularly gain insight into their energy consumption, giving them greater control. This knowledge promotes increased energy efficiency.

This is how we enable around:

6.3 million tons of CO₂e saved a year

Using this approach, our products and service are instrumental in abating about 6.3 million tons of CO₂e a year.

Collaboration critical

While our vision is to make residential real estate greener, smarter, and healthier, creating a carbon-neutral building stock can only be achieved by working with a broad range of political and economic partners, including regulators, businesses, and tenants. Only when knowledge, data, and experience are shared across stakeholders can effective climate protection in the building sector succeed.

Knowing this, we are dedicated to being strong and proactive partners in researching innovative solutions, raising tenant awareness of their consumption patterns, and engaging with relevant stakeholders to build and exchange insights.

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