We are committed

Climate change poses major challenges to the building sector, which Techem is addressing both through its core business and in its own operations: We are striving to achieve climate neutrality for the Techem Group by 2045.

We contribute to a climate-neutral building stock through our business operations. To further advance this goal, we also want to strengthen the environmentally friendly impact of our products and services. 

We want to: 

  • conserve resources and protect the environment, 

  • improve energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, 

  • increase the security of supply and system availability.  

In addition to clearly defined targets and figures, values are also important to us: We want to offer our workforce a working environment in which everyone feels appreciated and can develop their full potential. When it comes to discrimination, we have a zero-tolerance policy. As a company, we want to become more and more diverse and inclusive.

Our contribution to sustainability as a company

Our goals: Digitalization and sustainability

Techem is the service partner for green and smart buildings. We find solutions that enable the real estate industry to meet the need for climate protection, digitalization and healthy living. 


Driving digitalization in real estate

We want to promote smart applications and networking. We therefore offer our customers digital solutions for saving energy. This is how we ensure innovation in the industry.


Improving efficiency

Digitalization can make administrative processes faster and more efficient - thus saving time and costs.


Protection of the environment

Our approach is successful: in over 12 million homes worldwide, we avoid around 7 million metric tons of CO₂ every year with our digital solutions and devices.