Investor Relations

Techem is a leading energy service provider for the real estate industry and a partner at eye level to support it in meeting the challenges of the energy transition. Founded in 1952, our long tradition of innovation has kept us at the leading edge of energy efficiency for the residential building sector, a crucial position in the drive to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, particularly as the world continues to urbanize.

Techem’s strongest business activity in terms of revenue continues to be submetering, i.e. consumption-based heating cost billing. New digital processes enable not only faster, but also less error-prone and more convenient meter reading and billing for the customer, which leads to significantly higher customer satisfaction.

The increasing digitalization of submetering and the infrastructure required for this (fixed networks) are the basis for further services that focus on process efficiency, energy efficiency, CO2e reduction and healthy living in real estate.

Our Mission

To cement our position as a global leader in innovation in integrated, digital energy efficiency solutions for the building sector and to contribute notably to the worldwide effort to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Our Performance

Techem employs more than 4,150 people in 18 offices worldwide. Our smart energy solutions are present in more than 12.5 million residences.

In Fiscal 2022, ending Sept. 30, total sales reached EUR 899.6 million, a 10-percent increase from the previous year. Almost a quarter of these sales came from outside Germany. 

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