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Press Releases - 04.07.2024

Techem survey on tenant electricity: majority of landlords show interest

  • 59 % of business customers and 45 % of private landlords are aware of the topic of tenant electricity in the context of communal building supply and are interested in it 
  • 53 % of business customers and 28 % of private landlords have equipped residential properties with solar systems 
  • The majority of landlords prefer complete solutions from a single source for tenant electricity models 

Press Releases - 19.06.2024

Practiced responsibility: Techem awarded the certificate for the audit berufundfamilie

Press Releases - 16.05.2024

Figure of the day: Reducing energy consumption by 29 percent with artificial intelligence

  • 90 % of apartment buildings in Germany are “heat pump-ready” after replacement of radiators
  • AI-based analysis reveals optimization potential for heating systems with heat pumps
  • An average of 29 % lower energy consumption thanks to a low-investment solution 

Press Releases - 25.04.2024

Techem publishes Sustainability Report 2023: CO2e footprint reduced even further

  • Techem Group reduces CO2e emissions by 20 percent compared to the previous year  
  • Clear DEI agenda for employees: Group-wide diversity and anti-discrimination policy
  • 100 percent green electricity for customers and Techem sites in Germany

Press Releases - 24.04.2024

With Billing Direct to heating cost billing in real time

  • Energy service provider Techem expands its digital range
  • Heating cost billing in only a few minutes with the “On-Demand Service” Billing Direct
  • Next step towards digitalization and customer and service orientation

Press Releases - 16.04.2024

“The breakthrough for photovoltaics on apartment buildings” – Techem expert Gero Lücking on the “Solar Package I”

Press Releases - 08.04.2024

Techem survey on the Building Energy Act: most landlords want more information

  • More communication needed in order to successfully implement the new regulations 
  • Heat pumps in the lead among respondents with regard to future heating replacement 
  • Techem study confirms that the majority of existing buildings in Germany are suited for using heat pumps

Press Releases - 26.03.2024

Techem survey on smoke alarms: Lack of clarity about replacement deadlines despite safety awareness

Press Releases - 05.03.2024

Techem Trend Study: Sustainability and digitalization as key levers for the energy transition in the building sector

Press Releases - 30.01.2024

Techem expands management in the Customer Service division

Press Releases - 26.01.2024

Consumers once again expect high additional payments in certain cases - despite lower consumption

Press Releases - 29.11.2023

Techem analysis: The average age of boilers replaced is more than 30 years

  • Energy certificate data from more than 43,000 properties analyzed
  • New heating systems reach an average age of 31.5 years
  • Reducing costs and emissions with digital solutions

Press Releases - 22.11.2023

Techem study reveals growing importance of AI in the real estate industry

  • More than one-third of the respondents are considering using Artificial Intelligence in real estate
  • CO2-reduction and adaptive learning the greatest benefits
  • Average energy savings of 15 percent through AI-supported heating optimization

Press Releases - 15.11.2023

Energy transition picks up momentum: Natural gas continues to dominate the heating market, but heat pumps are catching up

  • Natural gas dominates, accounting for a 51% share in multi-family residential buildings; the use of heat pumps is increasing, but remains low
  • In half of the heating systems in the building stock of multi-family houses in Germany, radiators do not need to be replaced to be able to use heat pumps
  • Heat pumps offer an average of 25% optimization potential through improved monitoring and operational management - significantly more for 1/3 of the systems
  • Techem consumption data study 2022 examines data from 1.4 million German homes and reveals potential savings

Press Releases - 07.11.2023

Techem survey: Residents still reluctant to heat their homes

  • More than a third of people left the heating off in the mild month of October
  • Climate protection and fear of high additional payments encourage many people to heat more economically
  • People who work from home tend to heat earlier

Press Releases - 02.11.2023

Techem launches smart meter operation for Deutsche Investment

  • Techem to equip 232 properties with smart meters
  • Combination with submetering strengthens energy efficiency in buildings
  • Smart meters facilitate ESG reporting

Press Releases - 31.10.2023

Techem receives “berufundfamilie” certificate for the first time

  • Service provider strengthens compatibility of work, family and private life
  • Project plan defined over three years
  • Eight fields of action bundle goals and measures

Press Releases - 18.10.2023

Turning on the heat sparingly reduces consumption: Techem study underscores the influence tenants have on saving energy

  • Final energy consumption for heat down 20 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year
  • Economical usage behavior has a major influence
  • Digital solutions enable further savings of around 15 percent

Press Releases - 10.10.2023

Smart metering paves the way for tenant power projects

  • Techem survey shows that 38 percent of commercial landlords and 27 percent of private landlords are planning initial tenant electricity measures
  • Announcement to simplify and de-bureaucratize regulations provides incentive for majority of respondents to invest in PV systems
  • Smart metering as a basic prerequisite for tenant electricity models 

Press Releases - 28.09.2023

Digital Heating Room: New Techem Service optimises heating operations with the help of Artificial Intelligence

  • AI-based analysis reveals optimization potential for heating systems
  • Average of 15 percent lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Low-investment solution reduces operating and consumption costs

Press Releases - 26.07.2023

Techem publishes 2022 Sustainability Report : CO2-footprint and energy consumption further reduced

  • Double materiality based on European Sustainability Standard (ESRS) as the basis for adjustment of sustainability targets  
  • Rating agency Morningstar Sustainalytics gives Techem an ESG risk rating of 8.7 – “Negligible Risk” in terms of material financial impact from ESG factors

  • Techem Group reduces energy consumption by 5.7 and CO2-emissions by 2.2 percent compared to the previous year  

Press Releases - 20.07.2023

For a climate-neutral building stock: Techem Solutions GmbH and BBK Real Estate GmbH establish a joint venture

  • Techem Solutions GmbH and BBK Real Estate establish “Techem BBK Energie GmbH” joint venture

  • “Growth through decarbonization” as the declared goal of the new company

  • Techem takes over electricity & heat supply as well as metering & submetering of 2,600 residential and 150 commercial units

Press Releases - 19.07.2023

Techem survey: Large majority of landlords plan energy refurbishments

  • Optimization of the heating system, along with insulation and investments in photovoltaics, considered the preferred measure 
  • Energy and cost savings the strongest motivation for energy refurbishment
  • Up to 60 percent of those renting privately and up to 82 percent of those renting for business would like more support in the process

Press Releases - 11.07.2023

Commitment to customer and service orientation: Techem CSO Nicolai Kuß assumes greater area of responsibility

  • Techem takes consistent next step towards digitalization as well as customer and service orientation 

  • Nicolai Kuß, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), assumes greater responsibility for operational units

Press Releases - 15.06.2023

Making digital building data more accessible: Appeal from Techem CEO Matthias Hartmann on Digital Day

  • Digitalization offensive in the building sector a basic prerequisite for a successful energy transition 
  • Break down silos and improve data quality in real estate
  • Bundling of data across divisions for greater savings effects

Press Releases - 12.05.2023

“Smart meter: A key element of the energy transition” – Gero Lücking, Head of Smart Metering at Techem, on the adoption of the law to relaunch the digitalization of the energy transition

Press Releases - 09.05.2023

Techem achieves top ranking in Sustainalytics’ independent ESG risk rating

  • Rating agency rates Techem’s ESG risk at 8.7 and thus as “negligible”
  • Techem thus ranks among the TOP 2 percent of over 15,200 companies internationally
  • Within the “Business Support Services” sub-industry, Techem comes in 2nd place out of a total of 164 companies worldwide

Press Releases - 03.04.2023

Matthias Kleen strengthens management in the area of sales at Techem

Press Releases - 22.03.2023

Techem survey: Smart meters are hardly a priority for landlords

  • Only 8 percent of private landlords and 18 percent of business landlords plan to install smart meters in their properties
  • Many landlords view the costs as the main factor
  • Techem calls for accelerated rollout of smart meters to drive energy efficiency in existing buildings

Press Releases - 16.03.2023

“We need a digitalization offensive in the building sector” – Techem CEO Matthias Hartmann on the missed climate targets of the building sector

  • With 112 million tons of CO₂-equivalents, the buildings sector misses the 2022 climate target by 4.6 million tons

  • Emissions reductions of minus 5.3 percent compared to the previous year are not enough

  • Digitalization offensive in the building sector a basic prerequisite for a CO₂-neutral, sustainable real estate sector

Press Releases - 31.01.2023

Heating cost billing in 2022: Increased energy prices lead to fear of high additional payments – despite lower energy consumption

  • 2022 was about 11 percent warmer than 2021

  • Nevertheless, there was a significant increase in room heating costs for oil & gas compared to the previous year

  • The north records the highest additional consumption

Press Releases - 12.01.2023

CO₂-pricing: landlords plan energy refurbishments based on cost allocation

  • Cost sharing is an incentive for investments in insulation, heating systems and window replacement
  • Techem relieves landlords with digital service for automatic determination of the CO₂-levy
  • Techem CEO Matthias Hartmann: “Optimize the energy efficiency of the property and reduce CO₂ costs with low-investment, digital measures.”

Press Releases - 11.10.2022

Simplifa and Techem jointly digitalize elevators for more energy efficiency

Press Releases - 04.10.2022

Techem consumption figures study: Energy efficiency in the majority of German properties insufficient

  • Study examines data from 2.1 million German homes and reveals potential for savings
  • Continuous heating monitoring and optimized operational management enable efficiency increases of up to 15 percent in existing buildings
  • User behavior geared to saving energy – especially when ventilating – enables a further 10 to 15 percent increase in efficiency

Press Releases - 29.09.2022

Techem survey: residents still hesitant about heating

  • Less than half of the residents have already turned on the heating at home

  • Especially gas consumers currently prefer to stay warm by using a blanket or consuming warm drinks.

  • Working from an office at home increases the likelihood that residents will heat their homes sooner

Press Releases - 27.09.2022

Techem 2021 Sustainability Report: Together towards a climate-neutral building stock