Energy Efficiency

In order for the energy transition to succeed in the building sector, innovative approaches and solutions are needed to increase energy efficiency. Holistic digitalization of building operations creates new opportunities for CO₂e-reduction at minimal cost. Techem is focusing its innovative strength specifically on this and relying on cooperation with its stakeholders.

Shaping the energy transition with digital services

With digital products and solutions, Techem improves energy efficiency in buildings and avoids CO2e-emissions by using renewable energy sources in heating systems. We are thus making a positive contribution to the energy transition and to the European Union’s climate targets. In our own operations, as well, we implement measures aimed at greater resource conservation and reduce climatic effects in our operational processes.

Contracting – heat supply with many advantages

As part of heat contracting, Techem currently takes over the energy and heat supply in its properties for its customers in 7 countries, as well as the associated investments in new equipment. We also ensure that supply systems are optimally planned, constructed and operated in an energy-efficient manner.  

As an expert on energy management, Techem advises its customers on the most sustainable and economical solutions and sees itself as an accelerator of the energy turnaround in buildings. 

In order to play an even more active role in shaping this in the future, we have also developed a decarbonization plan. For example, Techem intends to focus on CO₂e-neutral heating solutions when equipping new construction projects and gradually replace existing fossil-fuel heating systems with lower-emission technologies.

EV-Charging – on the way to a traffic turnaround

The traffic turnaround is elementary to achieving the climate goals. The traffic sector is one of the world’s main sources of CO₂e-emissions, and year after year it fails to meet its political targets.  

The EU-wide target is to reduce traffic-related greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. Germany wants to reduce its transport emissions by at least 70 percent by 2030 - an ambitious target for an industry whose contribution to emissions reduction has stagnated for decades. 

To achieve these ambitious climate targets, it will not be enough to consider the individual sectors separately. Rather, the transformation of traffic can only succeed if everyone works together across sectors and synergies between the electricity, heating and traffic sectors are exploited intelligently, and the charging infrastructure for e-cars is expanded.  

Efficient concepts must be developed and intelligent solutions found to ensure sufficient charging options. This requires digital solutions for the operation and billing of charging power consumption, which Techem offers with its EV-Charging services.