Our Impact

Impact is the driving force behind any sustainability program. Without sincere efforts toward change, statements supporting environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles are little more than window dressing. At Techem, we take a holistic view and calibrate our impact across all three of these crucial dimensions: environmental, social, and corporate governance. We have committed ourselves to concrete measures and binding targets within these three focal areas.

Environmental impact

Because of the urgency in addressing global warming, much of our current focus centres on innovations that help reduce energy consumption, abate CO2e emissions, and cut waste, among other aspects of our sustainability program. These imperatives are embedded in our products and services, contributing to a green transition for the real estate sector, as well as in our own operations, where we are also moving to renewable fuels, cutting waste, and recycling.

Contributing to change in the real estate sector is a critical component of our efforts. From smart metering to supporting the modernization of old, inefficient heating systems, we are determined to help building stock become more energy efficient and to reduce CO2e emissions from area heating and hot-water heating systems. Remote monitoring of our devices, for example, vastly reduces the need to service technicians to drive to and inspect multiple sites. 

Within our own organization, we are working on improving the life-cycle of our products. This includes such programs as sustainable design, which among other features, maximizes the use of recycled materials, and working with our partners along the supply chain to ensure sustainability efforts at all stages. Our operations in Germany use exclusively renewable energy sources, and sites elsewhere are moving toward this goal.

Among the targets of our environmental program are:

0 %

of installed devices capable of remote monitoring by 2025

0 %

of all heating systems operated by Techem equipped with Techem Digital Boiler Room by 2026.

0 %

group CO2e emission reduction by 2045 from 2020 base.

Social impact

Individuals and communities are important to our holistic policies. We are committed to building a safe and attractive work environment for all of our employees. This includes ensuring that employees receive appropriate training opportunities, as well as safeguarding their physical and mental health, for instance by allowing safe and flexible work arrangements.

Our commitment also covers our clients and community. Products such as smoke alarms, water quality systems, legionella prevention solutions, and proper heating system maintenance all contribute to the health of tenants in buildings equipped with our devices, and remote monitoring capabilities helps relieve stress and uncertainty.

Further efforts include contributing directly to communities. In 2023, Techem contributed more than €50,000 toward social organizations. We also are partners with the Water is Right Foundation (WIR), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Frankfurt, Germany, and committed to the protection and equitable distribution of water. As part of this program, Techem donates €1 for every 1,000 litres of water consumed in Germany.


As part of our social impact, Techem’s diversity efforts deserve special mention. Innovation and creative solutions – the tools needed to combat climate change – are only possible with a diverse workforce that approaches challenges from different perspectives and equipped with different experiences. Along with these corporate values, diversity creates an enriching atmosphere for all employees.

To embed diversity values into our organization, we have created a defined program that includes focus areas, targets, and specific key performance indicators (KPIs). Techem’s Diversity and Inclusion program follows three principal areas of action: 


Sensitized workforce

We conduct different mandatory trainings to promote greater diversity and inclusion for our employees. In addition, we have a diversity and anti-discrimination policy.


Managers acting as role models

We also train all managers on prejudice-free and inclusive leadership.


Employees with diversity characteristics

We support employee networks organizationally and financially. We also conduct surveys on the needs of people from underrepresented groups.

Our goal: To promote female talent

In addition, Techem is a signatory to BeyondGenderAgenda, a German initiative that advances the cause of elevating more women into leadership positions. In 2023, two Techem executives – Kira Kern, Head of Human Resources and Legal, and Katharina Bathe-Metzler, Head of Sustainability, Communications and Public Affairs – were advisory board members at BeyondGenderAgenda.

Our overarching goal is to place more women in leadership roles and support them, if needed, in building the capabilities required to succeed in these senior positions. Among our main diversity goals for fiscal year 2025, including some that have been achieved, are:

0 %

of management positions held by women, compared to 28% in 2022

0 %

of employees in Techem support programs for high potentials are female. 

0 %

learning satisfaction, related to Germany

Corporate governance impact

Techem is committed to ethical business conduct, which includes fair competition, a transparent pricing policy, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and the absence of corruption. Our corporate governance policies also extend to safeguarding data collected from clients and tenants in buildings equipped with our devices, as well as securing their privacy.

These priorities are underscored by the Techem Code of Conduct and our compliance management system, as well as our commitment to fair treatment of all our employees. We also understand that our responsibility includes encouraging our subcontractors, suppliers, and partners to embrace similar principles of corporate behaviour.

Crucial governance goals, which were met in 2023, are:


Cases of corruption


critical customer data privacy breaches

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Media Spokesperson 
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