Making a contribution to greater energy efficiency with billing services

For many landlords, invoicing heating and operating costs is often a time-consuming and complex task - but it doesn’t have to be. After all, this is precisely where Techem's core competence lies. At the same time, our billing services make an important contribution to greater energy efficiency. For example, by raising awareness of consumption.

Prepare statements quickly & easily with digital services

Thanks to our digital services, billing of heating and operating costs is becoming increasingly simple. On the German market, for example, all heating cost billing data can be entered quickly and easily in the Techem customer portal and the final statement can be downloaded directly. In addition, the majority of Techem meters can be read out remotely by radio and therefore transmit the measured values completely automatically. For properties that are also equipped with the Smart Reader data collector, this bundles the readings from all devices in the building and sends them securely encrypted to Techem. These consumption figures are then automatically transferred to our billing system.

Contribute to reducing consumption

As part of consumption-based heating cost billing, Techem also makes an important contribution to greater energy efficiency. Thus, through appropriate consumption information, tenants are made aware of individual energy consumption and the related CO₂e-emissions and encouraged to act in a way that conserves resources.

Key figures at a glance:

With its digital billing services and wireless technology, Techem is creating an infrastructure for sustainable and smart buildings.

~ 7 million tons

per year of reduced CO₂e
emissions through heating cost billing

60 million

devices worldwide - for recording
heat, water, cooling and electricity
as well as smoke alarms

84 %

wireless rate of Techem devices

Things to know about Techem's billing services

Based on more than 70 years of experience, Techem always prepares heating cost statements in 10 countries worldwide in accordance with the currently applicable specifications and guidelines. 

Techem also stands for reliable meter reading and data verification. We thus reduce queries and ensure convenient billing.

The ease of use, from our digital services to the customer portal, saves our customers valuable hours – but also paper and postage.

The operating cost statement Techem prepares is reliable and based on currently applicable specifications and guidelines. 

For this purpose, we read the relevant consumption data in the properties and then distribute all apportionable costs to the individual usage units based on the user. 

Our customers then receive both an overall statement for the entire building and an individual statement for each occupant.

Thanks to our digital services, our customers in the German market can already decide for themselves when they want to receive their heating and operating cost statements. Our “Invoice Direct” service is one example. This allows Techem customers to download the finished statement directly from the customer portal - without any waiting time. The goal is to offer this service in other markets in the future and thus contribute to greater cost and consumption transparency.