Our History

Founded in the early 1950ies Techem was one of the first companies to contribute to distributing heating costs fairly according to consumption – and thus to saving energy – by recording the individual heat consumption of apartments.

Techem’s journey at a glance

Techem was founded in 1952 by Friedrich Ott in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, as a company for the evaluation of technical-chemical processes and patents. While measurement by evaporator tubes was still the method of choice at that time, the standard changed when Techem introduced electronic heat cost allocators to the market in 1983.

Techem has also been offering energy contracting since 1992.
1996 saw the introduction of the radio system for recording consumption.

Techem ushered in a new era in 2005 with the launch of remote reading via mobile communications. In 2007, wireless smoke detectors were added to the product portfolio, and in 2009 the Techem Smart System.

In 2010, Techem Energy Contracting’s energy management system was certified according to DIN EN 16001. 2011 saw the introduction of wireless smoke detectors with remote inspection.

In 2012, Techem expanded its range of services to include legionella testing in cooperation with the SGS Institut Fresenius. The Techem heating service was launched in 2013 and supplemented by the Techem heating service with direct electricity in 2014.

Hydraulic balancing and Techem drinking water treatment were launched in 2018.

Digital system monitoring with Techem Smart Monitor was introduced in 2019.

In 2020, Techem announced its focus on renewable energy generation and entered the holistic metering operation with Techem SmartMetering in 2021. This was followed that same year by the market launch of e-charging solutions.