Diversity and inclusion that enriches

At Techem, we consider the different viewpoints and backgrounds of our workforce to be crucial to the success of our company. In this context, respectful and equal treatment is vital at all levels. This attitude is also anchored in our Code of Conduct, which guides our daily actions.

For an open and respectful company culture

Our goal is to create a working environment in which all our employees feel comfortable and appreciated - regardless of age, ethnic origin, nationality, physical and mental abilities, religion and worldview, sexual orientation, and social background.

In order to implement this goal more and more effectively, we have signed the "Charta der Vielfalt". Besides this, we have drawn up a Group-wide Diversity and Anti-Discrimination Policy, which came in force at the beginning of calendar year 2023. This commits us to a diverse company culture in which employees can develop their potential in the working environment, regardless of individual characteristics. We firmly reject discrimination in any form. For more information on Techem's journey toward a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, read the interview with Kira Kern, Head of HR & Legal.

Click here for our Code of Conduct.

The Techem Diversity Roadmap

Techem Germany assessed the current state of diversity and inclusion in the company between the fall of 2021 and the spring of 2022. This served as the basis to set up a roadmap towards more diversity. Here's how we went about it:

We asked our employees how they perceive diversity and inclusion at Techem and which aspects they consider particularly important. The survey was voluntary and anonymous. Around 70 percent of our German workforce took part in it.

In the second step, we conducted in-depth individual and group interviews with around 30 people. These focused on experiences, challenges and possible solutions for greater diversity and inclusion.

We then analyzed the findings from the survey and the in-depth interviews. The result: employees think it is important to create a diverse and inclusive environment. More than 90 percent of the participants in the survey said that they value diversity at Techem and that they are accepted by their direct colleagues for who they are. 

However, the survey and in-depth interviews also revealed a need for improvement. For example, we want to understand the needs of people with disabilities as well as other diverse groups of people even better in the future.

Consequently, we have developed a Diversity Roadmap and derived focus areas, goals, KPIs, as well as measures.

We started implementing new measures in the spring of 2022 and are constantly monitoring their progress.

Our key areas of action

We want to promote an inclusive and diverse environment at Techem by creating awareness, fair framework conditions and a clear zero-tolerance attitude towards discriminatory behavior.


Sensitized workforce

We conduct different mandatory trainings to promote greater diversity and inclusion for our employees. In addition, we have a diversity and anti-discrimination policy.


Managers acting as role models

We also train all managers on prejudice-free and inclusive leadership.


Employees with diversity characteristics

We support employee networks organizationally and financially. We also conduct surveys on the needs of people from underrepresented groups.


Prejudice-free recruitment procedures

We train recruiters on “unconscious bias.” We also want to reach diverse applicants. To do so, we look into alternative platforms.


Equal opportunities

We have a women’s share for managers and junior staff development programs. We also offer women-specific training measures and advice after parental leave.


Fair working conditions

We are looking into a potential gender pay gap. We have also introduced the berufundfamilie audit.


Trusting environment

We want to create a climate in which it is easy and a matter of course to report grievances. To this end, we want to further strengthen and expand our reporting channels.


Clear consequences

We define consequences for inappropriate behavior. In addition, we develop a behavior matrix for cases of (co-)experienced discrimination.

Our goal: To promote female talent

Nearly half of our workforce is now female - considering our industry and the technical environment, this is a great success. We want to continue to actively drive this upward trend. To this end, we have set ourselves the following key figures as a target:

35 %

women in management
positions by 2025

40 %

of women in our talent
development programs

Techem ambassadors at BeyondGenderAgenda

The network is committed to greater diversity, equality and inclusion in companies. The goal is to achieve a cultural change in politics, society and business. Kira Kern, Head of HR & Legal and Katharina Bathe-Metzler, Head of Sustainability, Communications & Public Affairs are Advisory Board members for Techem.