Sustainability Reporting at Techem

We strive to make real estate greener, smarter and healthier. With our sustainability reporting, we want to create transparency about how we as a company are performing in the areas of environment, society and corporate governance. The guiding goal here is to achieve climate-neutrality for the Techem Group by 2045.

About the Techem Sustainability Report

The third Techem Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive and transparent insight into our company’s activities. Since our first report in 2021, we have been constantly improving our sustainability reporting. We have subjected a large number of quantitative metrics to external scrutiny in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard. In addition to these GRI standards, our Sustainability Report also fulfills the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Fields of action and Sustainability Program

The content of our Sustainability Report is based on the ESG criteria: Environmental, Social, Governance. 

At Techem, we have bundled our sustainability activities along these criteria into three main areas:

  • For the climate and the environment: How we want to make a positive contribution to the energy transition. 

  • For the individual and the community: How Techem’s social commitment is structured and why we focus on a safe and attractive working environment.  

  • For ethical business conduct: What Techem is doing to ensure responsible company management and control geared toward long-term value creation.

These main areas of focus are assigned to a total of seven fields of action. Together, they form the basic framework for our Sustainability Program. We have aligned this along clear targets and key performance indicators. This is how we ensure the effective implementation of our sustainability strategy and present our company's commitment transparently to stakeholders.

Sustainability is a “matter for the CEO” at Techem

The responsibility for effective sustainability management must be centralized and, at the same time, anchored throughout the company. For this reason, sustainability is part of the CEO’s department and is brought into the company and filled with life by a number of specialist functions and experts.

Progressing towards climate-neutrality and diversity

Our Sustainability Program brings together all the goals we set ourselves as part of a strategy process and based on our materiality analysis.

Our company has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality in buildings. However, a climate-neutral building stock can only be made possible together with politicians and economic stakeholders.

That is why we have developed a decarbonization plan that meets the requirements of the 1.5-degree climate target of the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). We are systematically pursuing this clear roadmap to climate neutrality. We are aiming to reduce our total CO₂e-emissions in scope one and two by at least 42 percent and in scope three by 28 percent by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2045. To achieve this, we are focusing on the following measures and working hand in hand with our customers:

  • Switching to hybrid heating systems consisting of heat pumps and gas-fired peak-load boilers in existing buildings (heat contracting)

  • Emission-free growth in new buildings (heat contracting) 

  • Conversion to green electricity for customers (heat contracting)

  • Circular design for Techem appliances

  • Zero-emission mobility, green power for own use, and zero-emission heat in Techem buildings

More than 4,000 Techem employees worldwide are working to advance the global issue of climate protection in buildings. This requires a spirit of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking – which is only possible with a diverse workforce. 

That’s why we want to create a working environment for our employees that takes individual needs into account and sees diversity as an enriching experience.

As part of our commitment to becoming an even more diverse and inclusive company, we have developed a diversity roadmap that includes focus areas, targets and KPIs. 

We are consistently pursuing this plan. For example, we have set ourselves the goal of filling 35 percent of our management positions across the Group with women by the end of fiscal year 2025. 

Thus, starting in fiscal year 2023, the key performance indicator “percentage of women in management positions” will be included to link the remuneration structure of top management in Germany to the achievement of ESG targets.

We see this as an opportunity to have an impact on society as a whole. Not only in terms of climate protection, but also in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Our social commitment

We see ourselves as an active player in the energy transition. With our products and services, we offer owners and managers of multi-family homes and commercial properties individual solution modules for CO₂e-reduction. 

We also live up to our social responsibility beyond our business activities.

Our cooperation with the Water Is Right Foundation

Techem is committed to the protection and equitable distribution of water. In cooperation with the Water Is Right Foundation (WIR), we support people in disaster areas and developing regions to improve access to clean water.

For example, we have replaced our water dispensers in the coffee kitchens at our headquarters and in selected sites with more modern models since the beginning of 2022.

Under our new water dispenser lease agreements, ten percent of monthly sales go to WIR. Furthermore, since fiscal year 2022, we have been donating an additional one euro to WIR for every 1,000 liters of water consumed in our German sites, which equates to a donation of over EUR 14,000 in fiscal year 2022.

For Techem, water is a valuable resource that must be protected and respected.

Contact person for sustainability

Katharina Bathe-Metzler

Head of Sustainability, Communications & Public Affairs