Think tank for our sustainable commitment

In order to advance the topic of energy efficiency enhancement and CO₂-reduction even further, we at Techem rely on active support for research projects and collaborations. 

This is why we founded the Techem Research Institute on Sustainability (TRIOS) at the beginning of 2022. A milestone for Techem’s transformation into a company that operates sustainably in all facets. The goal? A low-emission society with stable and affordable energy and resource supplies.

Driving decarbonization

TRIOS conducts research on renewable energy supply solutions, energy efficiency processes, and the related CO₂-reduction. With its scientific work, TRIOS supports the decarbonization of Techem customers’ building stock.

TRIOS strengthens the environmental dimension

TRIOS creates a methodologically sound database thanks to analysis and research. This enables us to calculate the CO₂e-footprint of the Techem Group, but also to determine the consumption and CO₂e-characteristics in our customers’ buildings. TRIOS thus strengthens the environmental dimension.

The institute also standardizes and norms our device technologies and billing bases. It also handles patent management. TRIOS is responsible for dialog and partnerships with social stakeholders, scientific institutions and committees.

TRIOS study: Identifying savings potential

TRIOS is responsible for the development of our regularly published Consumption Figures Study. This study is based on the evaluation and analysis of data on final energy and water consumption as well as costs for heating and hot water from 2.1 million German apartments in around 176,000 apartment buildings.

The evaluations by TRIOS show that a large share of the properties surveyed are still in need of improvement in terms of their energy efficiency. The age of some of the heating systems also remains high: one third of the systems are older than 25 years and correspondingly inefficient. This considerable potential for renewing or switching to efficient heat generation technologies (2x e) is demonstrated by our analysis of data from around 92,000 energy performance certificates currently issued.

In addition, efficient and highly automated heating system operation is crucial for a targeted low-emission real estate sector:

15 %

increased efficiency through
continuous heating monitoring
as well as optimized operational management

30-50 %

savings potential through
optimal insulation of the building shell

10-15 %

energy savings through
optimized user behavior,
especially ventilation behavior

Our media team

Katharina Bathe-Metzler

Media Spokesperson 
Head of Sustainability, Communications & Public Affairs

Janina Schmidt

Media Spokesperson 
Senior Corporate Communications Manager