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Techem survey on tenant electricity: majority of landlords show interest

  • 59 % of business customers and 45 % of private landlords are aware of the topic of tenant electricity in the context of communal building supply and are interested in it 
  • 53 % of business customers and 28 % of private landlords have equipped residential properties with solar systems 
  • The majority of landlords prefer complete solutions from a single source for tenant electricity models 

Eschborn, July 4, 2024:  The expansion of solar energy needs to be accelerated in order to achieve climate protection targets. The German government has set an important course for this with Solar Package I, which significantly reduces bureaucracy in the construction and operation of solar systems. To enable tenants in apartment buildings to use low-cost solar power from roofs or garages directly in the future, the new instrument of communal building supply will be introduced in addition to the conventional tenant electricity model. A recent survey conducted by the energy service provider Techem shows that just under half of all landlords (around 49 %) are already looking into the new model.

Image information: The shared building supply gives landlords and condominium owners' associations the opportunity to pass on low-cost solar power from the solar system on their own roof directly to the tenants in the building (Copyright: Shutterstock / Mariana Serdynska).

High demand for information on tenant electricity
59 % of business customers and 45 % of private landlords are interested in the topic of tenant electricity in the context of shared building supply. The majority of business landlords have already set the course for their tenant electricity project. 53 % of business customers indicated that they have already equipped their residential rental properties with solar systems, while 34 % are planning to do so in the future. With regard to private landlords, 28% have equipped their existing property with solar systems, while 46 % said they would like to do so. There are major differences, however, when it comes to knowledge of the topic: while 50 % of business customers attest to having a good to very good level of knowledge, only 29 % of private landlords do. However, there is again a consensus that more information is needed on the topic, i.e. on the basic process, how the model works and the tax framework conditions.

Smart metering as a basic requirement for tenant electricity models 
A smart metering concept based on digital electricity meters and an intelligent metering system is a basic requirement for tenant electricity models. It provides information on the amount of solar power generated and the tenants’ consumption, thus supplying the data for individual billing. “As a universal metering point operator and based on years of expertise in the field of billing, Techem is the ideal partner for implementing projects for communal building supply. We supply the information on energy consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions, prepare the bills and thus reduce the administrative workload for landlords,” says Gero Lücking, Head of Smart Metering at Techem. Nearly two thirds of landlords also see the benefits of a complete solution from a single source. 66 % of business customers and 64 % of private landlords prefer to have one provider provide all the services resulting from a tenant electricity project.

Close to three quarters of business customers (74 %) and more than half of private landlords (59 %) also see the associated positive contribution to the environment as a driver. And the calculation proves right, Gero Lücking confirms: “Tenant electricity in real estate creates a win-win situation for both landlords and tenants. Solar system operators benefit from a return of 8 to 12 %, while tenants can save money thanks to the reduced electricity price. Greenhouse gases are also reduced. With our digital services and products, we support everyone involved in this process – with the goal of a climate-neutral building sector by 2045.”

The benefits of a shared building supply
In the case of communal building supply, the owner invests in the solar system and offers the residents self-generated electricity. Smart meters record generation and consumption. In the future, tenants will receive an annual statement for their share of solar power in addition to the usual heating and ancillary cost bill. Their electricity consumption from the grid will be reduced by this amount. Tenants thus stand to benefit from lower electricity costs and climate-friendly generation on the roof, while landlords will see a return on their investment through marketing in their own property. Landlords do not have to become electricity suppliers, nor do tenants have to change their electricity suppliers.

Further information on tenant electricity in apartment buildings can be found here

About the survey 
This survey was conducted online in May 2024. A quantitative survey was used to ask 400 private landlords and 94 business customers (commercial landlords + administrators) about their attitudes towards tenant electricity. Both the population of private landlords and business customers were defined according to specific criteria.


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