The huge challenge: A climate-neutral building stock

At Techem, we have focused our company purpose on achieving climate neutrality in buildings. Energy efficiency and decarbonization are at the core of our convictions and company actions. We consider ourselves to be an accelerator of the energy transition and make a significant contribution to its success!

Climate protection in the building sector

Decarbonization of the building sector plays an important role in the energy transition. According to the European Commission, it is one of the main sources of CO₂-emissions in the European Union.

~ 35 %
of the total emissions in the EU come from the building sector.

We bring sustainable solutions to buildings

There is an urgent need for action here. However, due to different interests, competitive technologies, political framework conditions and social implications, this represents a complex task. But this is precisely where we at Techem make a key contribution! 

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Techem as an active player in the energy transition

We are clearly committed to the goal of a CO₂-neutral building stock. As an energy solution provider, we are driving the decarbonization of the sector decisively together with our partners and customers. For example, we are investing specifically in digitalization and the further development of digital, low-investment solutions that can already save 10 to 15 percent of energy.

Contracting – optimized heat supply with many benefits 

Heat contracting accounts for a large share of Techem Solutions' business. At the same time, it is responsible for around
85 percent of our Group’s CO₂e-emissions, as many existing plants are still operated with fossil fuels. Together with our customers, we want to reduce this carbon footprint to zero by 2045 and therefore advise them on both the most economical and the most sustainable solutions.

In heat contracting, we take over the heat supply of a property. We analyze, optimize and maintain existing heating systems or install new ones. Our contracting services already supply more than 140,000 homes.

Consumption indicators: the basis for efficiency improvements

The goal must be:

  • to save energy 

  • to expand renewable and CO₂-neutral energy sources and establish them on a broad basis, as well as to continuously improve the use of energy by increasing efficiency 

To this end, we at Techem consider all conceivable measures for increasing efficiency and avoiding emissions, both in older buildings and in new buildings.

With the 2021 Techem Consumption Indicator Study we would like to make the problem areas in energy supply visible on the one hand, but also highlight possible savings potentials on the other. The study is based on the evaluation and analysis of data on final energy and water consumption as well as costs for heating and hot water from 2.1 million German apartments in around 176,000 apartment buildings.

Climate neutrality of the Techem Group

We are leading by example. Our goal is to achieve climate neutrality for the Techem Group by 2045 at the latest and thereby drive a climate neutral building stock forward together with our customers. This is what we have set out to do:

42 %

lower CO₂-emissions by 2030

90 %

lower CO₂-emissions by 2045

Our commitment to our own company

We have also implemented measures in our own operations for greater resource conservation as well as a reduction in climate impact in our operational processes:  

  • Techem's office buildings are to be supplied with heat from renewable energies in the future, as far as possible under our current and extended leases. 

  • In the future, we will rely on CO₂e-neutral heating solutions when equipping new construction projects. 

  • The electricity we resell to our customers was switched entirely to green electricity with a certificate of origin in 2023.  

  • We are conducting a feasibility assessment for the reduction potential for Techem equipment in the areas of service life extension, use of recyclates, remanufacturing and remanufacturing by fiscal year 2025 and will subsequently implement the most promising measures. 

  • Techem will convert its company car fleet to alternative powertrains by fiscal year 2028.  

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