Techem as a partner for the neighborhood of the future

We are convinced that supply solutions that integrate properties are ultimately much more economical than individual solutions. That’s why our neighborhood approaches are economical, future-proof and sustainable.

A United Nations estimate indicates:

~ 70 %
of people will live in cities by 2050.

Neighborhood solutions – smart and efficient

As a result, decentralized energy management is becoming increasingly relevant in urban multifamily buildings, commercial properties and neighborhoods.  

With growing demands for living space, it is important to make cities fit for the future through energy-efficient buildings, the reduction of energy consumption, and the use of renewable energies.  

Lower energy loss through sector coupling

The sector coupling of electricity, heat and transport is a crucial component of the energy transition. This must be driven forward consistently.

We are increasingly using sustainable technologies such as heat pumps powered by green electricity to make buildings and neighborhoods more energy efficient. We are thus supporting the transition from fossil to renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems can also be integrated into neighborhood supply systems across multiple buildings thanks to Techem’s holistic data overview.

Smart metering and e-mobility

As a competitive metering point operator, we have also been active in the smart metering business since the beginning of 2021 and offer bundled consumption recording for submetering, electricity and gas in the real estate sector via smart metering systems.

The sector coupling of heat and electricity is extended by linking building operation and mobility. Here we offer e-charging solutions. In the future, these will be powered by climate-neutral electricity generated in the neighborhood. 

We are shaping the traffic turnaround in the neighborhood

Electromobility is increasingly becoming the standard. From 2035, internal combustion vehicles will no longer receive new registrations in the EU. Techem offers complete solutions for electric vehicle charging stations. We make entire neighborhoods fit for the future!

Our customized neighborhood solutions

Regardless of whether it’s an existing building or a new one, private housing or commercial: from the concept phase to detailed planning and execution, everything comes from a single source with us.

Our approach

  • Holistic: We develop, finance and implement a comprehensive concept for the infrastructural supply of the entire neighborhood – matching the needs of our customers. 

  • Financing: Our solutions always take economic efficiency and cost effectiveness into account, thus conserving our customers’ financial resources.

  • Energy savings: Our neighborhood concepts systematically reduce energy costs.

  • CO₂-optimization: We offer climate-neutral, best-possible supply through technology openness and adaptability to future technologies.

  • Security of supply: Targeted monitoring and the use of different energy sources enable us to react quickly to developments in the energy industry.