Our vision: Buildings that are green, smart, and healthy

Buildings and neighborhoods of the future must be aligned with a healthy environment. They must be connected intimately to their surrounding and provide healthy places to live and work. Techem works toward this vision by offering digital solutions that accelerate the necessary energy transition. Every day our work focuses on progressing toward this vision … moving closer today, tomorrow, and all the days after.

For a greener future

We are ideally positioned to accompany the real estate industry in meeting the challenges of the energy transition as a leading energy service provider. 

Climate change remains one of the major global challenges. The related political intentions to reduce CO₂-emissions are clearly defined at both the European and national levels. Achieving the 1.5 degree target is of particular importance. This target is ambitious – but correct and important. It poses a number of challenges for the building sector in particular.

In light of this, swift action by all of us – based on concrete measures and binding targets – is crucial. For a future in which we can live healthier, greener and smarter!

We are the digital service partner for the real estate industry

At Techem, we work on solutions for a successful energy transition in the building sector. Here, digitalization is of particular importance, because there is no energy transition without digitalization! Our job is to create intelligent, digital and resource-efficient solutions for the real estate industry of the future. For living environments that are healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable.

Our focus is on energy efficiency along the entire value chain. We offer services for healthy living, process efficiency and climate protection.

What we are committed to

A climate-neutral building stock

We consider ourselves an active player in the energy transition – for a climate-neutral building stock.

The digital energy transition

The energy transition cannot succeed without digitalization. This is why we support the further development of smart products and services.

The neighborhood of the future

It is estimated that 70% of all people will live in cities by 2050. For this, we will need smart neighborhood solutions.

Measuring creates awareness

As a holistic, digital energy efficiency partner for the real estate sector, our services and solutions comply with such statutory requirements as those of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). All our devices are EED-compliant and thus lay the foundation for greater energy efficiency in real estate - through monthly consumption information, for example. 

The effect: Tenants regularly gain insight into their energy consumption. This gives them greater control and at the same time promotes the economical use of energy. After all, measuring creates awareness!

This is how we enable around:

7 million tons

significant CO₂-savings per year

Conserve resources. Protect the environment.

Our goal is to make real estate greener, smarter and healthier. But a climate-neutral building stock will only be possible by joining forces with political as well as economic players, the real estate industry and other stakeholders. Effective climate protection in the building sector can only succeed if knowledge, data and experience are exchanged and deepened across the industry. 

That's why we work with strong partners to research new solutions, raise tenants’ awareness of consumption and engage in exchange with relevant stakeholders.