Data Privacy Notice

This data privacy notice shall refer to all websites of Techem GmbH. It shall not refer to links made from these websites to any information provided by external companies.

Data processing entity

The entity responsible for data processing shall be Techem GmbH, Hauptstraße 89, 65760 Eschborn, Germany, and possibly its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

What are personal data?

Personal data shall be items of information capable of being allocated to you as an individual. Examples of personal data shall be, among other things, your name, address, postal address, telephone number or e-mail address. Non-personal data shall be information such as the number of users of an Internet page.

What information do we collect? How do we use this information?

Personal data shall be collected via this website if you make them available to us of your own accord, e.g. in the framework of registration, by completing standard forms, by sending e-mails or by placing an order with Techem. We shall use these data for the purposes indicated in the individual case or for the purposes resulting from the inquiry. Any use of the data for advertising purposes shall be limited to the self-promotion (including recommendation advertising) of Techem. Transmission of the personal data to third parties shall only take place where this is required to perform the contract.
We shall use your e-mail address to offer you our own similar goods or services. You shall be entitled to object the use of your e-mail address at any time without incurring costs other than the cost of transmission in accordance with basic rates/tariffs. In addition, we point out that you shall be generally entitled to object any use of your data for purposes of advertising, market or opinion research at any time.
On any visit to this website, Techem will only store a shortened IP address of the inquiring computer as well as the website, from which you visit us. During your visit, the access date, the accessed file names, the URL, the HTTP response code, the access status, the access duration and the number of bytes transferred in the framework of the connection will be stored. We shall use this information exclusively for statistical purposes, with any individual user remaining anonymous. On this website, data will be collected and stored for marketing and optimisation purposes by means of technology from the company etracker GmbH. On the basis of these data, usage profiles will be created under a pseudonym. For this purpose, cookies may be applied. The cookies permit recognition of the Internet browser. Without separate consent given by the person concerned, the data collected by means of etracker technology will not be used to personally identify the user of this website and not be combined with personal data on the bearer of the pseudonym. Against the collection and storage of data, an objection may be raised at any time with effect from the future. Should the visitor to this website not admit cookies on his / her computer, it is hereby pointed out that, for technical reasons, a separate objection against the collection and storage of data will have to be raised on the occasion of each and every visit to the website.

What is a "cookie"?

A cookie is an item of information allowing your browser to communicate with our server and establish a personal connection between your computer and the Techem computer.

For this purpose, a “name” (in technical terms: “Session ID”) will be allocated to your browser in the form of a cookie at the beginning of the session, by which your PC will be able to prove its identity to our server as soon as the Session ID is processed accordingly. As a consequence, our server will recognise from which browser a certain inquiry comes and thus be able to return your individual data.In no form whatsoever will our cookie contain your personal or billing data.
Instead, it will only contain an unambiguous and accidentally generated “Session ID”, which will be removed automatically from your browser following the termination of your access. For your next session, another accidental ID will be generated once again.
Within the framework of the provision of this Internet offer, these cookies will be applied with a limited period of validity, so that we can optimise our websites according to your preferences. Via your browser, you will be able to switch off the acceptance of cookies at any time. Please note however that, in this event, it may not be possible to display parts of our website in the best possible way. In particular, this will apply if you wish to use our online services.
In addition, no personal data from you will be stored unless you provide the respective information on a voluntary basis, for instance within the framework of requesting information material or in the course of using our online services.
As a basic principle, the aforementioned data will not be passed on to third parties outside the Techem Group e.g. for advertising purposes unless we are under a legal obligation to do so. Where we cooperate with external service providers for the implementation of business processes, we shall regulate the contractual relationships in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

Your safety is our first priority.

For the protection of your personal data kept by us against unauthorised access and abuse, we have taken comprehensive technical and operational safety precautions, which will be reviewed and kept up to date with state-of-the-art technology on a regular basis.
As far as your data are processed within Techem in the framework of centralised data processing for the purpose of improving our customer service or for technical reasons, it will be made sure by means of appropriate measures that the data protection interests of our customers are taken into consideration.
Should we modify our data protection guidelines, we shall publish the amendments on this page. As a result, you will be able at any time to inform yourself about which information we collect by which means and how we make use of this information.
On written request, we shall be happy to provide you with information as to which data we have stored in respect of your person.

You shall be welcome at any time to send us your questions and comments on the issue of data protection and data security. Please write an e-mail